Hi, I’m Nick πŸ‘‹



I’m currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.

I was born and spent the first years of my life in St. Petersburg, Russia. I am half-German and half-Russian, and I speak both languages fluently. Having lived in both countries, I have a unique perspective on the world and I am very fortunate to be able to use my language skills in my work.

In subsequent years, mostly due to my fathers work as an expat, I have lived Munich, Singapore, Auckland, Minsk, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, Freiburg, Stuttgart and Bangkok. Safe to say, I’ve seen a lot.

I’m an Entrepreneur – In 2017 I launched my Web Design & Digital Marketing startup in the sunny shores of Auckland, New Zealand.

It’s been a bumpy ride; I’ve learned a lot and I’ve grown immensely during the last three years. This website will document some of my thoughts and challenges.

If you are interested in my work, please visit my agency website. On this website I will focus on my personal interests.

Web Projects

Music Projects

Art Projects

Other things I enjoy in my downtime:

🎸Guitar, Bass, Keys
🎹 Producing (psytrance)
πŸ–Œ Art, Drawing
πŸŽ₯ Drone Photography
πŸ€– Exploring new Tech
πŸ“š Books, Non-fiction, Productivity, Self-Development, Philosophy, Sci-Fi